Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT) is a sensor network of billions of smart devices that connect people, systems and other applications to collect and share data.

ETEK along with Global partner network provide solutions and services across the IOT Ecosystem that consists of the following:

IOT Devices : A wide range of devices across Health care IOT, Industrial IOT, Smart Energy, Smart City, Retail including Home Automation

Connectivity : An array of Connectivity Options which range from Blue tooth, NFC, WiFi, Cellular IoT, LPWA(N) and beyond through multiple Service Providers

Platform : A Robust platform for IoT that simplifies the data access and aggregation of the data and the functionality of applications

Application : Software Applications to run insights of the data collected across devices and control the devices per business requirements

Management : Management and Monitoring of devices, sensors, environment, connectivity, platform & application

IOT encourages companies to rethink the ways they approach their businesses, industries and markets and gives them the tools to improve their business strategies.

Etek focuses on deploying IOT in Public Transport & Safety, Road traffic, Utilities, Smart lighting, Waste Management to make the City smarter. Etek also provides Connected Healthcare solutions to enable high level patient care, personalized and near real time service while at the same time optimizing the Health Care provider Services with increased efficiency