Resource as a Service (RaaS)

The right talent in your reach… we provide you the best in class technical Resources in Information Technology, Engineering and Project Management Domains…

Obtaining hard-to-find skilled professionals who could deliver quality performance and management with minimal training is a challenge facing businesses across the world

Most Organizations today seek both the flexibility to obtain these skilled resources as and when needed at quick notice and the ability to gear up for projects that require specialized skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally


The increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies naturally translates into a growing number of projects, where success or failure of a business can often hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to specification. Developing in house capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the needs of an organization are constantly changing

We @ Etek help you overcome these challenges by providing you with highly skilled professionals across technology domains at short notice. We also provide you with the flexibility of outsourcing the entire application development or support activity to us and we manage the KPI’s as agreed with you